Need of distributing information to public

There are incidents in related to social, political or personal scenarios where it needs to be disclosed to the general public. This is where Breaking news comes into picture; it makes the public aware of the events and actions happening around them. The most widely used medium to spread the Breaking news or today news is television and internet. More and more people are seeking for Today News online as they can have access to updated news of their choice, anytime through the websites. With the introduction of Television and the broadcasting of Today news, the print media faced tough competition to the extent that it was getting hard to survive in the market. It was the advent of internet that provided a breakthrough to the journalists, as they could now update on the websites to provide news as and when it was happening. Breaking news online news not only keeps updating often, in addition it is environment friendly. Paper news is termed as outdated by few sections of the society, but it’s not the question here.

The visitors of the news website have access to use any of the services, and it serves the news according to their taste like a sports lover is not concerned about politics, so he may watch only Sports News. Besides that, it has coupons, classified pages and other contents which the user can take advantage of. The online websites brings together all the popular elements under one roof, so that the visitors can get the best of national, international, sports, finance or breaking news from trustworthy sources, which includes the Press trust of India. No wonder the visitors to the news websites are increasing rapidly every hour, where readers get up-to-date market quotes, news, and research much more easily.

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